Ida’s Life

You are reading so much about my daughter Ida on my blog, may be a lot. where I talk about her was not created intentionally, but I stumbled upon this idea during the 2011 Christmas. The idea became a reality during the holidays.

I hardly remember anything that I had done when I was a child. Few things my grandma reminded me ring in my ear often. They are just few, not much. How I mentioned Christmas father – we don’t call Santa Clause in India – when I was three years old is one. How I feared my mother would leave me, so I spent sitting at the door of the class when she was not teaching me, another one. I wish I could sit with my grandparents and talk about those. I miss them, unfortunately.



It is not about Ida being beautiful. Neither it is she is healthy, smart or perfect! It is not even to make you envious. Fast forward…. What Ida would like to know about her childhood when she grows up? I’m making an attempt to help her. She can read these logs – call it abstract or nonsense or stupid writings – at some point in her life.

Ida is God’s gift to my family. I see God in her as well as my wife Anne. This is a favor from God, among many he did before!


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