About BeProsper.us

I have the sensation to quit after I start writing. I have so much to write, but have less time. These are not excuses, but facts that become evident as soon as I start writing about the space around me. So, I stopped writing about me and started on sports few years ago. Until few months ago, before I sold my business, I was regularly writing blog sometimes more than one every day. It was fun writing about spin and speed, and I miss them now.

It’s not late to write again about the space around me! It might be because I have defined my purpose and destiny, or I know the dimension of my space. It’s a try again anyway.

I uttered the word “Be Prosperous” to anyone and everything. I did not realize the power of this word and the aftermath until recently when God started blessing me. I pray my writings make a lifelong impact in your life “Be Prosperous!”

– Varghese

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog…Amay is doing great we are “being prosperous”…love takes time, and I have to take the time to nurture it…that is what we are learning as a family..thanks!


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